Bio – Yoshiaki Ito Design


Since Yoshi moved to the U.S in 1999, he has been involved in creating art and design works with simple honesty. He was an assistant to artists and designers such as Kevin Kelly, Fiona Westfal, and Patrick Keesey in Brooklyn, NY and  learned to work in a wide array of materials using varied work processes. At the same time, Yoshi studied sculpture at City University of New York. 

In 2008, Yoshi was hired as a product designer at David Weeks Studio on the strength of of his multitask design abilities. Yoshi was involved in designing lighting fixtures interior objects; and toys in New York City’s uniquely intense  product design industry. Yoshi took the initiative to use 3D CAD, rapid prototypes and CNC machining for his design works when not everyone was doing so. In 2009, Yoshi designed the multi-million dollar sales hit puzzle toy Cubebot. Cubebot was exhibited in Milano Salone and his talented work was highly valued. It was at that point, that Yoshi solidified his main theme of interactivity and multifacets design ideas.  

In 2015, Yoshi transferred to Fortiac corporation and became a product developer. Around that time, he started adopting Japanese taste into his design work, and he established the brand name TAMEN (which means multifaceted and multi-senses in Japanese). Yosegi stool which Yoshi designed won four designs awards. In 2018, Yoshi started working as an asignee chief product designer at 212box architecture. Yoshi integrated Japanese taste in architecture in his design work as well. His Kumiko three-dimensional ceiling tiles were one example of work that clients loved.

Kumiko Chair

After gaining a great deal of work experience in the design industry in NY over the course of many years, Yoshi became independent and established Yoshiaki Ito Design and started developing his own design products. Yoshi develops his products with three main concepts. More modes for more moods and uses; folding and joining in a playful but minimal geometric aesthetic; and the combination of machining and master craftsmanship for surpassing expectations in build quality.